Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beach Day


This past Monday it was such a nice warm day out we decided to take Juliana and Jonathan to the beach. We were going to go to Half Moon Bay, but as we were driving on highway 1 we came across Pacifica State Beach. It looked pretty nice and it didn't seem so crowded (of course not it was a Monday afternoon) We decided to give it a try since our navigation said we still had about an hour left to get to HMB and the little ones had already started with the are we there yet every five minutes. 
The water was freezing and the only one brave enough to go in was Jon. Juliana did not even want to put on her swim suit all she wanted to do was run back and fourth making sure the waves did not catch her it was the cutest thing. Julian decided to lay out and even out his tan big mistake poor guys is still all burned. I wish we would have taken our dogs that would have been fun seeing them splash around the water. It was a really nice and relaxing time I wish we did stuff like this more often.
Btw did you guys check out that building that is a Taco Bell believe it or not what a great view!
I wouldn't mind having a romantic dinner there.

Hope your enjoying your day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Favorite moments: March

I want to start a new monthly segment on this little blog of mine where I look back at a few of my favorite photos that I captured the previous month because everyone know i'm constantly snapping away taking pictures of everything. It drives Julian crazy (maybe that's a little why I do it....kidding!) Jon and Juliana are just growing up so fast, I don't want to forget even the small things that they do.

Our new puppy Gisele shes an American Bulldog and has almost grown double her size in one month.

The Electric bounce house concert, gosh that night was soooo much fun!

I love even though they have a 6 year age gap they still manage to play well together ((sometimes))

Jon saying "I'm king of the world" even though he has never ever seen Titanic.

Our first bike ride together, the weather was just gorgeous on this Sunday!

Have a great month!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Forgotten Mustache Party


A couple months ago it was my nephews 1st birthday party and I titled this "Forgotten Mustache Party" because in all the craziness I had lost my camera. We were finally reunited last week it was in a travel bag that we have in the trunk of our car. How it got in there I have no idea. Back to the party his invitations asked "Mustache you a question, can you come to my party" adorable!!! It was tons of fun with way to many sweets that I couldn't resist tasting them all. My very crafty sister in law made all the decor herself, I keep telling her she should start her own party planning service, but she says she just goes over the tops because its her kids. I think she is crazy and should go into business for herself she can make some amazing stuff. Like the pinata look how cute it is we actually bought it when we went to mexico for $3 it was originally just plane white with blue trim.The photo area was just mustache wrapping paper and some random costume items from the dollar store. I cant wait to plan a party in our new home.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday..

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pretty Spaces -Gallery walls

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Better homes and gardens

The Blue house Chronicles
Julian and I have finally decided its time to buy our first home. We are just about outgrowing our apartment we have been in for almost 3 years. The little ones need more space especially a yard to run wild and free, and i'm sure our two chihuahuas wouldn't mind either. So of course I have been OBSESSED with looking at decorating ideas. We found a home last week it was the second home we looked at and put in an offer. It was just accepted, so we should be home owners within the next 30 days. We really were not expecting a smooth fast process like this like at all. I have friends who have been looking and biding house after house and still no luck. Apparently the real estate market has been picking up,we thought that was just here in the bay area, but apparently in Sacramento also. Oh yeah forgot to mention we are moving back to Sacramento. Its time and have you seen house prices in the east bay we would be lucky enough to even find something and it would most likely be a fixer upper for like $300,000. No thank you! and I do miss Sacramento my family and my friends.
Back to decorating since its our first house we wanted to start off with something small and cozy with a big yard and we were luck enough to find just that. I love gallery walls at the moment in our apartment we have a little gallery behind our big couch a mix of family photos and Jons artwork ( I swear its taking over the house) all in black frames. I should have just took a picture, and by my desk I have framed fashion drawing that I just printed from online in black frames also.While searching I found that the easiest way to decide how you want to arrange your photos is by tracing the frame on paper and than taping the paper or you can use contact paper on the wall until you find the way you would like your frames arranged. I'm not sure yet what i'll be doing in the new place still have to think about it, but of course ill post photos.

*These photos do not belong to me I found them searching online and have links to where I found them.

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